Production & Services

WenTex produces more than 150,000 Pcs/Day of Dish Cloth stitching that varies in sizes, about 100,000 Pcs/Day of Dusters stitching that are also of different sizes and has up to 2000 KG/Day of Knitting capacity in the unit.

Our Company

WenTex, established in 1987, Pakistan, is a company that is founded to meet the ever growing and ever changing worldwide demand for the supply of competitively priced and quality home textiles.

Quality Assurance

The company has implemented a reliable and well-crafted Integrated Management System (IMS) that puts quality inspections at every stage of the process ranging from receiving the raw material, inline processes like knitting, cutting, stitching packing to dispatching.

Our Mission

To manufacture world-class products of outstanding quality that give our customers a competitive advantage through superior products and value, so we can make every customer smile.

"WenTex is an absolutely wonderful source of information for the textile industry. You have reason to be very proud of its quality and breadth”